Saturday, May 16, 2009

the ship sails away

this ship was built for lifting,a cargo
it carries so many things as it sails through time
sometimes it picks up things,then drops it somewhere
sometimes it picks up things,carries it up the rest of its life

this ship was meant for speed,a speeder
it goes really fast as it sails through time
sometimes it cuts waves apart,then sails ahead smoothly
sometimes it cuts waves apart,but never gets over the cut it made

this ship is all we have,ours
when there is no one around,its beating sounds aloud
the only thing we hear,the only thing we hang on to
as we sail through our time.

this ship was raised for love,a lover
it gives us the feelings we need to feel as we sail through time
sometimes we feel,and we drop feelings somewhere
sometimes we feel,and we never get over how it felt like.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


what the fuck is so complicated?
even the stars go fade
but they never complain
so tell me now
what the fuck is so friggin' complicated?

being on this world is
being in this world is

everyone fights for the world that they know so much
the world the way they want it to be
so much to go from here
so much to learn from there

so tell me again
what the fuck is so complicated?

*none is supposed to understand this.
what the fuck right?
it's complicated